Our company, founded in 1999, is dedicated to computer-based
telephony systems. Nowadays, there are over 50 organizations and companies
as our customers, including Environmental Protection Department, Lands Department, Labor Department, Hospital Authority, Union Hospital, Tung Wah Eastern Hospital, Social Welfare Organization.

Our 'SuperReception' is an amazingly powerful and reliable telephone hotline system. It is a sophisticated multi-functional Interactive Voice Response System to improve your business efficiency. That is why the 'Super Reception' is used in many organizations in Hong Kong. The system can automatically handle thousands of calls daily. Its functions include: automatically answer customer's enquiries, transfer incoming calls to different departments, provide individual voice mail service, auto-fax information to customers upon requesting through hotline, take orders and even make outbound calls for promotion or payment reminding purpose. All of above functions can help you manage the time-consuming mechanical calls, and even responsive and interactive communication. Much precious time can be saved and you can have more space to enhance your business efficiency and effectiveness. Most importantly, our systems can be tailor-made to suit your specific requirements.

In addition, we also offer 'Telephone Call Logging System’ and ‘USB Call Recorder’ which automatically record all incoming and outgoing telephone conversations. This function is widely used to trace customers’ instructions or confirmation and help managements to evaluate the service quality or performance of their frontline staffs.

Our Mission:

We put our customers at the highest position and place enhancement of operation efficiency as our utmost goal, so as to provide excellent services for all business sectors.

Our products includes:

Our Strategy:

We provide our products to any commercial organizations, charity units and welfare centers at a considerate and attractive price:


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