Wonderful Guard Reporting System

■ No More Crime

Small Investment, Huge Return

A revolutionary system to monitor guard tour, using ordinary mobile phones to call the IVRS system to report guard's position.

■ System Operation

● Tokens generate unique passwords according to current time and site locations are installed in different check points.

When guard passes the checkpoints, he calls the IVRS system to enter the password shown on the token and the check point number.

● The IVRS system will record: the guard's number, reporting time, checkpoint number, report result: successful or not. It then generates reports according to the information gathered. If the guard does not report on time, or have not entered the correct password, the IVRS system will alert the control room staff to follow up.

■ System Merits

● No patrol device e.g. patrol button or data collection unit is required.

● No wiring is needed

Instant monitoring of guard's position and patrol route

● System will alert the control room staff if any guard does not report on time

● Unlimited locations, wide patrol area.

● Suitable for sites without electricity supply, or could not install fixed network telephones.

● Easy to add new checkpoints to the established checkpoint network, compatible with existing system.

● Simple reporting procedures, no training is needed for guards

● Easy and fast checkpoint deployment within 30 minutes

● Flexible system design to cope with regular change in patrol route

● Reliable checkpoint device (Token), which is widely used in e-banking service. 3 years service life, no need for electricity recharge.

● Durable checkpoint devices avoid the worn-out problems of 'buttons' used in touch point of traditional patrol recording systems.

● Powerful database engine facilitates instant data analysis, generates tailored-made reports according to customers' specific requirement for assessing guard's attendance without manual error

One and all system design avoid manual errors during data collection

Can be used for remote control of entry to important facilities

■ Comparison between existing systems and wonderful Guard Reporting System


Offline System

Online System

Wonderful Guard

Reporting System

Set-up Cost


high (wiring cost)


Site area




Instant Info








User friendly


relatively easy


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