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.SuperReception・ Interactive Voice Response System

.SuperReception・ is a unique multilingual voice mail and auto attendant system designed for businesses of any scales. Though small in size, .SuperReception・ is big on features, with the power, functionality and versatility of a large office system. This compact, solid-state system incorporates leading-edged technology, in an attractive case that can be mounted to an office wall quickly and effortlessly. .SuperReception・ is available in 2 to 24 port configurations and will support up to 9999 mailboxes.

.SuperReception・ offers a complete array of voice mail features such as simplified mailbox activation, user-friendly operation, personalized greetings, call record, message notification and distribution lists. .SuperReception・ also includes a full auto attendant with powerful features such as time and day call routing, company directory, holiday schedules, multiple concurrent language capabilities, and fax tone detection. .SuperReception・ can be programmed either from a touch-tone telephone or from a P.C. via the Windows-based GUI.

.SuperReception・ is powerful and full featured, yet, a small and cost effective communications solution. With its superior, state-of-the-art voice mail and auto attendant capabilities, .SuperReception・ delivers performance at a price that is attractive to even the most cost conscientious environment.

Feature enrichment is an essential element of .SuperReception・ 's product development program:

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