WonderfulData Telephone Recording System

WonderfulData Telephone Recording System is a state of the art, digital voice recorder designed to meet the critical needs of 24 hour per day, 7 day per week applications

WonderfulData Telephone Recording System is a compact Windows 2000 based multi-channel voice logging recorder. You can listen to monitored conversations live, replay them from the internal hard drive that holds 20,000 hours of conversations, and save all or selected conversations to hard disk or CD Rom, DVD.

The system provides continuous recording of all channels, while also allowing simultaneous playback - never interrupting the record process. The system supports the latest in digital storage techniques using high capacity, rewritable 9.4GB DVD-RAM disks (4.7GB per side).

The unit is equipped with a minimum of 40GB of hard disk storage for instant access to over thousands of hours of audio

The system is expandable from 1 to 2, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28 and 32 channels. Each channel has an RJ9 Jack or RJ11 jack for direct connection to either a phone line, analog phone extension, telephone handset (analog or digital phone), two-way radio, broadcast audio source, room monitoring microphone, etc. Additional features include: password security, recording beep option, WAV compatible recordings, voice-activation (VOX), graphical view of channel activity, monitor and replay using internal speaker or head-phones.

WonderfulData Telephone Recording System is easy to configure and operate, using intuitive navigation via 4 user menus, and touch responsive keypads for selecting or confirming an instruction.

There are four user selectable menus:

  1. Main Manual - current Logger activity and Live Monitoring of active channels.

  2. Check - search the database for the recording you want, and playback.

  3. User Management - set different user authority in monitoring different telephone lines.

  4. Parameter - control of system configuration.

Automatic Recording of ALL Calls
WonderfulData Telephone Recording System will automatically capture and securely record all phone or radio conversations, which can be recalled whenever verification is required. The system can also be used as a training and evaluation tool for staff who regularly conduct business with customers by phone.

Large Capacity Database
If a dispute or emergency arises, you can recall relevant recordings from the WonderfulData Telephone Recording System.
Compact Desktop Unit
Comprises up to 61 analog channels in a single desktop unit.
No external hardware is required.
Replay Options
Selected recordings can be replayed via an external speaker or headphones.
Archive for Security
Recordings that need to be retained for longer periods can be selectively archived to an internal CD-R and kept indefinitely.
User Definable Options
Recording can be set to VOX (Voice Activation), voltage or DTMF is selective by channel. Password security ensures complete management control of the WonderfulData Telephone Recording System. Software updates are field upgradeable.

Quick searching by: Time / Date / Channel / DTMF

Calls shown as List or Time-Line Graphic

Instant Recall at User Workstations

Re-recordings can be digitally created, to allow calls to be saved onto hard disk, CD or DVD, e-mailed, etc. for later playback on any multi-media PC

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