Wonderfuldata's Super Reception System Vs other IVRS Systems

Wonderfuldata's super reception system Other IVRS System
Change of greetings Can change both through the system interface and by dailing in Can only change through the computer interface
Effective greeting can be changed in advance and the changes will become at the time preset by user Can not change greeting in advance
Fax on demand Fax document can be catagorized to different group with passwords assigned to control the release of internal fax document No such fuction
System flow Can have different flow according to different date and time preset by user Limited to only one flow
Call Transfer Telephone call can be transferred to different extension according to the langauge or service the caller selected. Telephone call can be evenly transferred to different operator so as to ensure a fair share of workload. Telephone call can be transferred to different extension at different period of time Can only transfer to one operator
Message Notification Caller can leave message to different mail box and system could notify the message receipient through computer network No such fuction
Custom greeting Custom greeting can be set and changed at the beginning of the flow to cater for special event annoucement No such function
  1. Report to analyse no. of calls received during different time period of a day
  2. Report to analyse frequency of different greetings listened so as to find out which is the most favourite topic
  3. Report to analyse the call transfer success and failure rate and the average call transfer lead time
  4. Reports can be generated without any interference to the normal operation of the system
No such fuction
Call Logging system An automatic telephone conversation recording module can be included No such fuction
Caller ID The system can capture caller's telephone number No such fuction
Maintenance We could provide on-site regularly every 2 month check and backup system No such fuction
Dual system to ensure the reliability of service Standby system will pick up calls automatically without any human instructions needed if the main unit fail to pick up incoming calls No such service