WonderfulData USB Call Recorder

Configuration Requirements
Operating System(OS) Windows 2000/XP
Languages Both traditional Chinese and English

Functions Brief Introduction
Multi-channel Recording It can record voice simultaneously for 2 or 4 telephone lines. Most importantly, there is no interruption between channels, not to mention bad impact on sound quality due to interruption.
Multi-mode system Auto-recording(voice-control or voltage-control) or press a specific key(such as "#") to start recording(key-control)
Identification of the dialer The system can display the telephone number of the dialer.
Specific recording mode You can record all voice messages from the telephone connected to the system and you can also record the voice and when a specific phone number is dialed.
Real-time monitoring You can monitor the conversation in every phone lines connected to the system and adjust the voice volume, as you like.
Record edit and search You can search the voice data by different criteria (such as time and user). Then, you can edit the data according to the dialer or content of the conversation for further reference.
Auto-backup You can set the back-up time and choose the back-up mediums as you like.
System management You can set user passwords of different security levels. For example, the "Administrator" can have full access to the voice record(such as the permission to deletion and modification of the record) but "user1" may just have permission to copy but not delete.
Double protection to critical data Except for the back-up users request, the Wonderful system can backup the voice record automatically for the sake of deletion of critical data due to carelessness of users.