Large Corporation

Contact us immediately if the following descriptions fit your situation,

  1. You wish to minimize the expense on handling customers’ telephone enquiries.
  2. Your company needs to send out regular voice information to the public or members.
  3. Your hotline needs long time recording service.
  4. You company needs to provide some seasonal or periodical promotional activities. During the time, the demand for telephony services greatly increases.
  5. You are from membership organization. Hence, regular voice information renewal of the hotline system, as well as the booking calls from members, greatly increases your staff’s workload.
  6. The cargo checking enquiries drive your staff crazy.
  7. Your company has many branches, or even overseas branch, which makes the inter-regional telecommunication a problem for incoming calls of your customers.
  8. You get tired of the one-to-one monitoring method towards customer service staff, you wish the new technology can give you a breakthrough, as well as give the staff a chance of self-improvement.
  9. You find it difficult to assess the working performance of the field workers.
  10. Your office does not have enough space for the IVR or recording system.
  11. You wish to get free trial of IVR or recording service.
  12. Instead of buying IVR or recording system, you wish to try the leasing one.
  13. Your customers have great demand for fax document, especially for some personal and password-protected information.
  14. You wish telephone hotline or your recording system can generate reports which helps in planning the further development of the company.