More Details of SuperReception

'Super Reception' System Specification and Functions

  System Capacity

Minimum voice port: 2
Maximum voice port: 24
Port increments: 2/4/8/12/16/20/24
Maximum hour of voice mail storage: 10,000 hours
Maximum no of mailbox: 9999999
Digitizing rate: 8 KHz 8 bit (standard)
Digitizing method: ADPCM

  Available class of service

Message recording interval: 0-999 seconds
Greeting recording interval: 0-9999 seconds
New message retention: 999 days
Saved message retention: 999 days
No. of messages per mailbox: LW

  Compatibility with telephone systems

The system is compatible with all Centrex lines and PBX extension lines as long as it is connected with a standard telephone port.
The system support detection of various tone frequencies including Ring Tone, Busy Tone, DTMF Tones and other user-defined frequency patterns.
The system is capable of detecting caller hang-up and release the line currently in use within 15 sec of positive hang up detection.

  Response to caller's selections

The system responses to menu selection most instantaneously
The callers can access a piece of information at any time by entering the appropriate digit without going through the whole sequence of menu selection.


The system runs on Windows 2000 or XP platform, which is multitasking that normal service of IVRS to serve callers will not be affected by any process activated by the System Administrator, for example, in retrieving call statistics.

  Auto call out

The system could call out to a group of or a specific telephone numbers and announces greetings automatically at predefined pattern.
Tele Surveys: A list of people can be dialed and an asked to respond to questions.


Can perform the function of Receptionist:

  Announce Corporate Greeting.
  Transfer Call to the Desired extension according to voice prompt or the caller could enter the extension directly for quicker access.
  Provide general information (office hours, location, fax no. etc.)
  Announce Day or Night Greetings automatically.
  The play-back voice closely resemble the original voice.

  Interactive Voice Response

Callers can get pre-recorded voice information by keying the telephone keys.
Callers can access a piece of information at any time by entering the appropriate digit without going through the whole sequence of menu selection.
The system support Multi-language - English, Cantonese and Putonghua greetings
The System will prompt the callers of his improper entry if an undefined digit within a voice menu is encountered. The system will then repeat the menu selection for the caller to retry. After exceeding a maximum number of retries which can be programmable, the System will automatically terminate the call.
Remote voice Recording allows user to call into the system, enter a password and message number for recording or changing of the greetings. The system prompts callers upon no DTMF input and the menu will be repeated. The system will terminate the call after the maximum number of retries.

  Call Transfer

The system is capable of transferring calls to operators or any extensions by making use of the flash hook call transfer capability of the Centrex lines or analogue extensions. The destination telephone numbers can be not only any telephone numbers in Hong Kong but also overseas telephone numbers.


The caller can retrieve the required fax information by keying in his fax number through a touch-tone telephone. Upon receiving the fax number, the system will verify the caller the fax number by voice and then dial out the number to deliver the fax.

The system stores the fax requests in a sequential first-in-first-out queue and will dial out a call when the fax port is free.

When the fax machine being called is busy, no answer or responded with communication error, the system will redial the fax number at a later time. The number of retry is programmable. After the maximum number of retries, the failure event will be logged into a log file for retrieval.

The fax document could be password protected so as to control the accessibility of fax information.

The system allows fax information to be stored by using a fax machine input device.

The system can support up to 2 dedicated fax lines.

Fax queue, redial and log file are available.

In the process of fax delivery, the System will allow the caller to continue operation in the voice menu.

When the calling party is busy, no answer or no paper, the system is able to redial the fax number. If such request has been repeatedly put into the queue more than a pre-defined time (say 3 times), the system will be able to suspend any further attempt.

The System will have built-in date and time stamp and station identity to be printed in the delivered fax.

The fax transmission rate of the system is 14,400 bps and be capable of falling back to 9600, 7200, 4800 and 2400 bps.

When storing fax to the System, the System shall support either standard mode or fine mode. Fine mode shall be used to provide higher resolution in the fax documents.

Fax storage and updating can be a direct file transfer from a computer or a floppy disk containing the fax information.

The system could add extension numbers or room number of the recipients on the fax message.

The system supports voice and ITU-T Group 3 fax transmission.

  Voice Mail

Voice Recording

wYou can record your personal greeting

wUnlimited number of voicemail boxes are allowed

Message Editing
wCallers can edit the recorded message by key-in:

Message Notification
wWhen you have message, the Voice Mail will notify you by:
  Internal call
  Outside call (Mobile Phone or other phone)

wThen, follow the voice instruction, you are requested to key in the personal password to:
  Retrieve message with date & time stamp
  Save message
  Erase message

  Database retrieval and information announcement

The system could retrieve information store in a database and caller could search for information they need. Applications like lottery announcement, course or group activities application results announcement can be easily implemented.

  Reports & Statistics

There is a log file recording detailed activity of the system. A tailor made report generating program could be designed to provide information such as:

  Reports showing line usage, average hold time, no. of calls per hour, hard disk usage & mailbox usage.
  Average messages per mailbox per day
  Average message length
  Average greeting length
  The number of times a specific voice/fax message is selected
  Cumulative calls
  Total number of incoming calls handled by each line
  Total number of operator-assisted calls
  Shortest, longest and average call duration
  Total number of fax transmitted
  Voice connection time per mailbox per day
  Number of voice calls handled per hour
  Number of message retrieval calls per hour

  Summary of voice storage consumed, hard disk space remaining on a daily basis
In the process of traffic report generation, there will not be any service interruption as the system is built on multitasking Windows NT platform.

The system is capable of capturing 1 year of call statistics.

The system facilitates the backup of relevant call statistics files onto floppy diskettes, which will not cause any service interruption.

Hardware and Software requirements
System Capacity
Available class of service
Compatibility with telephone systems
Response to caller's selections
Auto call out
Interactive Voice Response
Call Transfer
Voice Mail
Database retrieval and information announcement
Reports & Statistics